Because I respect the privacy of our intimate moments, you may have noticed that I don't accept reviews. Fortunately, my patrons have so many effusive things to say about me that I am regularly left blushing! Here's what some of my most gracious clients have to say about me and the time we spend together.

“Leana - Thank you so much for an exquisite evening yesterday. Last night was the perfect capstone for these last few weeks of "me time." I am still thinking of you and our time together last night making it awfully difficult to concentrate on work. You are absolutely intoxicating. I will have to work extra hard to carve out time for myself in my schedule to see you again and enjoy some new experiences with you. Until then. À bientôt.”

  • J.D.

“Thanks for creating our space - that perfectly imperfect combination of time, place and connection I always look forward to. Can’t wait to experience it again, both to thoroughly enjoy during and to dream about afterward. You make it seem effortless, I know it’s not, so thank You.”

  • M.L.

“As always, I had an amazing time. Even though it's what I've come to expect, your generosity, empathy, and openness continue to amaze me.”

  • A.J.

“Feedback? Hmmmm. How about continue to be preternaturally amazing at what you do? I understand as someone who has to provide feedback to colleagues that "keep crushing it" isn't always helpful to hear. But that's really what comes to mind in this case. I appreciated how you repeatedly checked in with me to ensure that I was comfortable. I also really enjoyed you volunteering what would work better for you.  I'll likely never be as comfortable as you are with taking the temperature of the room, but I did enjoy your guidance/instruction. So please, the more on that front the better. Honestly, I can't wait to see you again.”

  • J.A.

“I really enjoyed and benefitted inwardly from our play together. Truly a soul enriching experience to be immersed between two beautiful, loving, skilled people, to more intimately engage than I had before, and to be controlled by two wonderful individuals I could readily trust and thus let go with. You were incredible. I look forward to our next time together!”

  • P.K.

“Thank you so much for today Miss Leana! I like how the stiffness of new intimate relationships is softening. Even more Leana personality, more richness, more authenticity. Yum. Being with you was very fun. It's a very, very special treat to spend time with you.”

  • B.P.

“Just a quick note of gratitude for a magical and amazing afternoon. You are beautiful and understanding and talented and sexy and generous and kind and fun and sensual and natural and genuine, and...  My list just goes on and on, and I mean every word.  I feel so privileged to have been able to be with you.  You filled me up with delight, and for that I am deeply grateful.”

  • S.G.

“So, I've been trying to come up with how I want to convey my appreciation for yesterday, but all I can think of are more superlatives, and at this point they must be starting to ring hollow. They shouldn't. I really felt like you went above and beyond to give me the experience that I asked for. "Date-night" LL can really bring it. Again, I thank you for the care and generosity you bring to your work. I feel like we have a pretty solid rapport, and I suspect (hope) your comfort with me makes things easier. That said, I understand that what you do is not easy, and that you do it tremendously well.”

  • J.A.

“You are intoxicating.”

  • J.B.

“Now that I've had a good night's sleep and a day to reflect, I can give you a proper thank you. You are exceptionally talented. I can't remember the last time I've felt so much pleasure. For me, the highest compliment I can give you is that I am sitting here, as enamoured as I was yesterday, thinking about when I will get to see you again.”

  • J.M.