I am taking COVID-19 safety quite seriously, and hope you are as well.
Recognizing that we will be navigating this public health crisis for some time to come, I have chosen to take a harm reduction approach in order to mitigate the potential risk for myself, my immunocompromised loved ones, and my clients.
Outside of my professional responsibilties and infrequent visits with loved ones, I strictly adhere to the most up-to-date social distancing and masking ordinances. I am intentional about spacing out contact with other people in order to ensure everyone's safety. I also receive COVID tests every 1-2 weeks and have consistently had negative test results.
Please know that I expect all clients to adhere the following precautions in order to meet with me, in the interest of our mutual health and safety:
  • Consistently wear a mask in public and in the presence of others, and avoid unmasked contact with anyone outside your immediate family or pod, for two weeks prior to our meeting.
  • Avoid large group gatherings, hopefully in general, but especially for two weeks prior to our meeting. 
  • If you are experiencing symptoms or have come in contact with anyone else who is experiencing symptoms, please cancel or ask to reschedule our meeting.
  • Upon meeting, I will take your temperature with a contactless thermometer prior to any close contact. I reserve the right to end our encounter if your temperature is above 99.5 degrees. Please also wash or santize your hands prior to close contact.
  • Unfortunately, I am not able to meet with anyone who works in a high-contact profession at this time (exceptions may be made for those who are properly protected and working in facilities with medical-grade HEPA filters... please inquire). 
  • Priority booking is given to established friends and those requesting longer dates, in order to facilitate sufficient quarantining between meetings.


Thank you for understand and for helping to keep us and our communities safe!


Yes, in order to safeguard my schedule and our time together, a deposit is required for all bookings. Our date will be considered fully confirmed in my calendar once this deposit is received. If we are meeting in my homebase of Washington, DC, a 25% deposit is required for meetings up for 4 hours in duration.


A 50% deposit is necessary for bookings longer than 4 hours duration, bookings made with less than 48 hours' notice, bookings during tours (when I am visiting locations outside of the Washington DC region), for any travel we do together, and for fly-me-to-you bookings. I offer a number of discreet modes of payment (both electronic and of the more old-fashioned variety) and am happy to work with you to figure out which method will be best.


Please note that deposits paid less than one business day before meeting will occur an additional 4% "instant deposit" processing fee.

My time is extremely valuable to me, just as yours is to you. If we’ve made plans to meet, that means I have declined any number of other engagements to spend time with you, and put down a deposit on our meeting place.

I kindly ask that you please respect the time, preparation, and expense I put into our dates, so I appreciate as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

If you request to reschedule with 48+ hours notice, in most cases, I will gladly apply your original deposit toward our newly rescheduled date of the same duration or longer, within three months.

For all cancellations, and for rescheduling with less than 48+ hours notice, your original deposit is forfeit as an inconvenience fee. This fee covers my time and effort in advance of our date, e.g. screening, correspondence, scheduling, and other preparations.

For 24-48 hours notice, a 25% inconvenience fee is required.

For 6-24 hours notice, a 50% inconvenience fee is required.

Within 6 hours or less of our date, including no-showing, a 100% inconvenience fee is required.

If greater than the amount of your original deposit, the remaining fee will be charged via discreet online payment and must be paid within 48 hours of our scheduled booking. You will not be able to schedule another meeting with me, and I will not be available to act as a reference on your behalf, if you have an outstanding balance. 

If you are running late for our meeting, please understand that I will likely still have to end our rendezvous at the time we originally planned, though I will do my best to be accommodating if my schedule allows. Thank you for understanding!

After the initial deposit (made at the time of booking), I generally prefer that the remaining balance be paid in cash when we meet. While this structure is necessary for our first date, I am sometimes able to accept discreet online payment in full for future dates. Please inquire at least three business days in advance of our meeting.

I kindly ask that my donation be presented to me at the very beginning of our date. Please have my donation prepared in an unsealed envelop. If we meet in a public environment, kindly hand me the envelop inside a greeting card or gift bag. If I am hosting, please leave the envelope on the table in plain sight and excuse yourself to the bathroom. If you are hosting, please place the envelop on the bathroom counter in advance of my arrival.

Because I respect the privacy of our intimate moments, I do not accept reviews. I kindly ask that you don’t share details of our time together with others or anywhere online. I am quite firm on this point: expect to be blacklisted if you violate this policy. If you are absolutely delighted by your experience with me and feel so inclined as to write a positive testimonial for my website, I would be so grateful! Please use polite language and email it to me directly.

I am happy to say that my schedule is fairly flexible with sufficient notice, which allows me to meet any day of the week! As I live a very full life, next day bookings are exceedingly rare and same day bookings rarer still. I much prefer to receive severals days or weeks advance notice, but I understand that sometimes that is not possible.

If you would like me to accommodate your schedule on short notice, please know that our meeting will incur the following upcharges (Note: All of the following scenarios require a 50% electronic deposit in order to reserve my time):

New Unscreened Clients:
- 25% upcharge for bookings made with less than 48 hours notice
- 50% upcharge for bookings made with less than 24 hours notice

Returning and Pre-screened Clients:
- 5% upcharge for bookings made with less than 48 hours notice
- 25% upcharge for bookings made with less than 24 hours notice

As for timing, I am available to meet between the hours of 10am and 10pm, when my energy levels are highest.

Dinner dates and encounters of four hours or longer may end closer to 11pm or midnight at the latest.

Of course, overnights and multi-day bookings naturally extend beyond the confines of a single calendar day and allow for greater flexibility in timing. I generally drift off to dreamland around 11pm-midnight and will be the most delightful, energetic version of myself if I receive at least 8 hours of sleep.

Wondering when is the right time to reach out and plan our rendezvous? I gladly accept dates made a few days to a few months in advance... There's no such thing as giving too much notice; I appreciate the opportunity to plan ahead! :)

Yes to both! I’m based in Washington, DC and have a relationship with a particular space, discreetly tucked away near Dupont/Logan Circle. My stated rates include:

- the cost of meeting at the above location (excluding overnights & longer)

- travel to any upscale hotel within DC

- travel up to one hour from central DC, including downtown Baltimore (minimum 2 hour appointment required)

Travel more than an hour from Logan Circle will incur an additional fee; the same applies for visits to the suburbs while touring. Please inquire! :)

I find women extremely attractive and delight in the opportunity to spend time with people of any gender. All individual sessions for women, trans, and gender non-conforming clients are offered at a discount—please visit my Rates Page. I absolutely love sharing myself with couples as well! Please add $500 for a couple’s experience up to four hours, and inquire about longer engagements.

Furthermore, there are few things I would enjoy more in this world than introducing you to one of my stunning, intelligent friends and sharing a delicious ménage à trois rendezvous together. Curious about being with two women at the same time? Perhaps even a woman and a man together? Whatever your preferred combination, I've got someone in mind who would delight you! Please visit my Friends Page or inquire if you'd like to meet with a companion who is not already listed.

Absolutely! I would love to be your personal travel companion and enjoy visiting destinations both domestically and abroad. If we’ve met previously, by all means, feel free to propose a trip to me!

Want to meet me for the first time in your home city? I can travel to see you in most major cities with ample notice and a 50% deposit. Please see my Fly-Me-To-You packages.

Because establishing compatibility is so important to me, I can only share a hotel room overnight with known clients and am unable to do so with new friends until we get to know each other.

For shorter local travel greater than 45 min from central DC, including Baltimore, my standard rates apply + a small travel fee (usually around $200). 

Absolutely—I’m a natural educator, so it’s one of my greatest passions. In addition to companionship, I offer coaching on touch, consent/boundaries, communication, relationships (monogamous and non-monogamous), and a variety of sexuality and kink subjects. Let me know what interests you and we can find a way to incorporate it into our session.

As long as your behavior is worthy of a reference, I'd be happy to provide one! My usual allowance is two references for each time we meet. If you hired me for a longer date (six hours or more), or if you're a regular client, I'll gladly serve as a reference more frequently.

When you want to list me as a reference, please contact me first to let me know you'll be doing so and which provider I can expect to hear from, as this protects everyone's privacy. Thank you!