COVID-19 Policy
Updated August 20, 2021
I am taking COVID-19 safety quite seriously, and hope you are as well.
Since May 1, 2021, I have been fully vaccinated and immunized. In light of the Delta variant, I continue to take a cautious harm reduction approach in order to mitigate the potential risk for myself, my immunocompromised loved ones, and my clients.
This means that I always wear a mask and socially distance in public, in addition to avoiding unmasked contact with anyone whose health status is not known. I avoid contact with any unvaccinated individuals. I also continue to receive COVID tests very regularly and have consistently had negative test results.
Please know that I expect all clients to adhere the following precautions in order to meet with me, in the interest of our mutual health and safety:
  • Consistently wear a mask in public when in proximity to other people, especially on transit, in stores and restaurants, and any enclosed spaces.
  • Avoid unmasked contact with anyone outside your immediate pod and/or who has not been vaccinated, for two weeks prior to our meeting.
  • Avoid large group gatherings, hopefully in general, but especially for two weeks prior to our meeting. 
  • If you are experiencing symptoms or have come in contact with anyone else who is experiencing symptoms, please cancel or ask to reschedule our meeting.
  • Upon meeting, please remove your mask and wash or santize your hands prior to close contact.
  • Please note that I will only meet with vaccinated clients, in order to minimize risk. Please get vaccinated as soon as possible if you are able to! 

Thank you for understand and for helping to keep us and our communities safe!