COVID-19 Policy
I am taking COVID-19 safety quite seriously, and hope you are as well.
Recognizing that we will be navigating this public health crisis for some time to come, I have chosen to take a harm reduction approach in order to mitigate the potential risk for myself, my immunocompromised loved ones, and my clients. Outside of my professional responsibilties and infrequent visits with loved ones, I strictly adhere to the most up-to-date social distancing and masking ordinances. I am intentional about spacing out contact with other people in order to ensure everyone's safety. I also receive COVID tests every 1-2 weeks and have consistently had negative test results.
Please know that I expect all clients to adhere the following precautions in order to meet with me, in the interest of our mutual health and safety:
  • Consistently wear a mask in public and in the presence of others, and avoid unmasked contact with anyone outside your immediate family or pod, for two weeks prior to our meeting.
  • Avoid large group gatherings, hopefully in general, but especially for two weeks prior to our meeting. 
  • If you are experiencing symptoms or have come in contact with anyone else who is experiencing symptoms, please cancel or ask to reschedule our meeting.
  • Upon meeting, I will take your temperature with a contactless thermometer prior to any close contact. I reserve the right to end our encounter if your temperature is above 99.5 degrees. Please also wash or santize your hands prior to close contact.
  • Unfortunately, I am not able to meet with anyone who works in a high-contact profession at this time (exceptions may be made for those who are properly protected and working in facilities with medical-grade HEPA filters... please inquire). 
  • Priority booking is given to established friends and those requesting longer dates, in order to facilitate sufficient quarantining between meetings.


Thank you for understand and for helping to keep us and our communities safe!